Welcome to Egress

Join us for an exciting adventure that’s perfect for families, friends, co-workers or date nights - its a great way to get to know someone better!

If you are looking for a fun and challenging activity you are in the right place. We’ve designed our escape rooms to put your powers of observation, reasoning and problem-solving to the test.

Are you up ready?

Let's find out.

Our Escape Rooms
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Hours of Operation

By Appointment Only

Fri: 4pm - 8pm

Sat: 2pm - 8pm

Sun: 2pm - 6pm

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Team Photos

We have had a great time helping each team try to escape their chosen room.  Though they may not all have made it out in time, we like to make sure they have fun trying.

The Cooks _egressescaperoom
CummingsaDu _egressescaperoom
Vampire Slayers _egressescaperoom
The Sleuths _egressescaperoom
The A-Team _egressescaperoom
The Sleuths _egressescaperoom
The Love-A-Lots _egressescaperoom
Mumfmunds _egressescaperoom
The Love-A-Lots _egressescaperoom
Big Dogs _egressescaperoom
Sparkling Snyders and Ravenclaw _egresse
Sparkling Snyders and Ravenclaw _egresse
The McDonalds _egressescaperoom
Team Renaissance _egressescaperoom
Waldorf _egressescaperoom
Team We In Here _egressescaperoom
Team Loye _egressescaperoom
Team Loye _egressescaperoom
The Big Brain Girls _egressescaperoom
Joe's Fried Chicken Team _egressescapero
Joe's Fried Chicken Team _egressescapero
Reindeer _egressescaperoom
Reindeer _egressescaperoom
Hot Moms Club _egressescaperoom
The United Nations _egressescaperoom
Tanoff _egressescaperoom
The Sticky Bandits _egressescaperoom
The Sticky Bandits _egressescaperoom
The Three Musketeers _egressescaperoom
Oh It Burns 21 _egressescaperoom
Melanated Girl Gang _egressescaperoom
Clarks _egressescaperoom
Equestrian Girlz _egressescaperoom
Escape Complex _egressescaperoom
Equestrian Girlz _egressescaperoom
The Cheesebutts _egressescaperoom
Team Toby _egressescaperoom
Team Toby _egressescaperoom
Team Teke _egressescaperoom
West Baltimore Savages _egressescaperoom
Team VSCO _egressescaperoom
The Three Musketeers _egressescaperoom
The Salt Shakers _egressescaperoom
Typical Mudbloods _egressescaperoom
Boneyard _egressescaperoom
Boneyard _egressescaperoom
Vonks Pooperazzi _egressescaperoom
Team MC _egressescaperoom
Vonks Pooperazzi _egressescaperoom
Team Dysfunctional _egressescaperoom
Giraffes _egressescaperoom
Giraffes _egressescaperoom
50 is Nifty _egressescaperoom
The Diggers _egressescaperoom
Purple Solvers _egressescaperoom
Young Phenomz _egressescaperoom
Not A Clue _egressescaperoom
Magical Mystical Creatures _egressescape
Kamora _egressescaperoom
Team 226 _egressescaperoom
The Mountains _egressescaperoom
Team Pwoblem _egressescaperoom
Running Late _egressescaperoom
Team We Got This _egressescaperoom
Nepenthe _egressescaperoom
Sadie's Crew _egressescaperoom
Gleake Squad _egressescaperoom
Difficult _egressescaperoom
Cool Cats _egressescaperoom
Cookies and Cream _egressescaperoom
Knicks _egressescaperoom
Bursting With Flavor _egressescaperoom
Birthday Squad _egressescaperoom
Family Feud _egressescaperoom
Amity _egressescaperoom
Cookies and Cream _egressescaperoom
Sparkly Bagels _egressescaperoom
Team Five _egressescaperoom
Team 2 _egressescaperoom
Team 1 _egressescaperoom
Three Musketeers _egressescaperoom
Suck It Trebek _egressescaperoom
Team Weir _egressescaperoom
IPA _egressescaperoom
IPA _egressescaperoom
Team Sloth _egressescaperoom
Team Jason _egressescaperoom
Team Jada _egressescaperoom
The Escapers _egressescaperoom
Team Frijoles _egressescaperoom
Team DOPE _egressescaperoom
Nevermore _egressescaperoom
Birthday Boy _egressescaperoom
Team Fatisa _egressescaperoom
Chocolates _egressescaperoom
Team Cheryl _egressescaperoom
The Losers _egressescaperoom
The Raven _egressescaperoom
Scott's Tots _egressescaperoom
The Conquerors _egressescaperoom
Caesar _egressescaperoom
Scary Bois _egressescaperoom
Goofy Goobers _egressescaperoom
Team Zo _egressescaperoom
Green Lamb _egressescaperoom
Team Escape _egressescaperoom
Ghetiya _egressescaperoom
Wild Peens _egressescaperoom
Viva La Kinsler _egressescaperoom
The Clue Finders _egressescaperoom
The White Claws _egressescaperoom
One Hit Wonders _egressescaperoom
Monster Mash _egressescaperoom
Date Night _egressescaperoom
WE9335 _egressescaperoom
Dark Horses _egressescaperoom
Team Winners _egressescaperoom
The Bovines _egressescaperoom
Nepenthe _egressescaperoom
The Pink Hats _egressescaperoom
Manny's Birthday _egressescaperoom
The Bovines _egressescaperoom
Liv Ta Escape _egressescaperoom
Team AJ _egressescaperoom
Escapists _egressescaperoom
Omit _egressescaperoom
Dead Poe Society _egressescaperoom
The Great Escapers _egressescaperoom
Team Clock _egressescaperoom
Purple Go-Getters _egressescaperoom
Grzy _egressescaperoom
Boroville _egressescaperoom
5 Star Squad _egressescaperoom
Ravens _egressescaperoom
Eclectics _egressescaperoom
Team Maisy _egressescaperoom
Angry Spouses _egressescaperoom
KCMR _egressescaperoom
Kray _egressescaperoom
Falcons _egressescaperoom
Random Strangers _egressescaperoom
The Black Hoods _egressescaperoom
Heem Team _egressescaperoom
Team Choco Boy _egressescaperoom
Team Random _egressescaperoom
Area 51 _egressescaperoom
Raging Ravens _egressescaperoom
Avengers _egressescaperoom
The Struggle Is Real _egressescaperoom
Ebony and Ivory _egressescaperoom
Blazing Edables _egressescaperoom
Birds of Prey _egressescaperoom
Team Ivy _egressescaperoom
The Giant Eagles _egressescaperoom
Team CC _egressescaperoom
Team Troublemakers _egressescaperoom
Migos _egressescaperoom made it just as
Darth Revan _egressescaperoom
The Williams _egressescaperoom
Meet the Gregorys _egressescaperoom
The Revengers _egressescaperoom
Wild Phillipinas _egressescaperoom
Suspicious Six _egressescaperoom
The Lookers _egressescaperoom
Team Webb _egressescaperoom
Edgar Allan Poe Beast Mode _egressescape
NDN Team _egressescaperoom
Radioactive Lizards Falling From the Sky
Team Helsing _egressescaperoom
Ravens _egressescaperoom
.5rnow _egressescaperoom
Bam _egressescaperoom
Clue Chasers _egressescaperoom
Sala de Escape _egressescaperoom
Crespo Game _egressescaperoom
Team Henson _egressescaperoom
Gru & the Minions _egressescaperoom
Team Eastman _egressescaperoom
Dart _egressescaperoom
Woo Clan _egressescaperoom
Hallie's Team _egressescaperoom
Team KB _egressescaperoom
Frustrated Friday _egressescaperoom
Mystery Gang _egressescaperoom
Butterfly _egressescaperoom
Rich Gang _egressescaperoom
East Meets West _egressescaperoom
Randy & the Girls _egressescaperoom
Oops _egressescaperoom
Team Rashon _egresstalk _egressescaperoo
Our first experience with a SOLO attempt
Scooby-Doos _egressescaperoom
Scooby-Doos _egressescaperoom
Leo Works _egressescaperoom
Flaming Peacocks _egressescaperoom
Fishbone _egressescaperoom
Ravens _egressescaperoom
Second time around for Team Dragon _egre
Josh's Bachelor Party _egressescaperoom.
Team Benji _egresstalk _egressescaperoom
Team Lang _egresstalk _egressescaperoom.
The Squid Squad _egressescaperoom
The Six Poets _EgressEscapeRoom!!
The Falcons did not escape in time but t
Silvasphere didn't make it out in time,
Team Unicorn didn't make it out in time,
Prototypes had a blast at _EgressEscapeR
X Deletes the Spot had a blast at _Egres
Clue Chasers had a blast at _EgressEscap
Awesome had a blast at _EgressEscapeRoom
Ariadne had a blast at _EgressEscapeRoom
Name_ had a blast at _EgressEscapeRoom!
Rockets had a blast at _EgressEscapeRoom
Eclipse had a blast at _EgressEscapeRoom
Drucks had a blast at _EgressEscapeRoom!
Slingers had a blast at _EgressEscapeRoo
Hallie`s Team had a blast at _EgressEsca
The Warthogs had a blast at _EgressEscap
Team Puppies had a blast at _EgressEscap
The B Team had a blast at _EgressEscapeR
The Union didn't make it out in time, bu
A blast was had at _EgressEscapeRoom!
A blast was had at _EgressEscapeRoom!

1544 York Rd, Lutherville-Timonium, MD 21093

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