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Online Escape Rooms:

Our online games are digital versions of our rooms that you can play at home.  It is a different experience, more like a computer game, but still able to be played with your group.  After you book, you will receive a separate email with the game link. 

Some of the unique features are:

-You can play as a single player or multi-player.

- Once you have the link, you can play any time of day.

-You can play with friends or family anywhere in the world.

-If you don't escape in time, you may still be able to continue the game, depending on the mode you chose in the beginning.

-You can play at home - in your PJs.

Witch in the Woods

Witch in the Woods

Sheet Music

Christmas Carol Caper

Image by Amy Shamblen

Valentine's Day Sampler


Fairytale Forest


Escape the Counts Castle


Dream Within a Dream

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