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Digital Escape Rooms:

Our digital rooms play like a computer game. It's point and click, requiring a computer and a mouse. You can either play alone if you want to solve it all by yourself, or invite your team to join in the fun.


After you book, you will receive a separate email with the game link that can be forwarded to your team.

The game will allow up to six players to log in. If additional players log in, the site will kick someone off to let the new player online.

We recommend, if playing as a team, to connect first on a communication platform of your choice (facetime, group call, zoom, etc.) to have the full problem solving experience.


Some unique features of online rooms are:

-You can play as a single player or multi-player.

-You can play with friends or family anywhere in the world.

​-You can play at home - in your PJs.

You have 72 hours after purchase to click your emailed link.

- Once you have the link, you can play any time of day.

- You have 24 hours to complete all your assigned tasks once you start.

Image by Amy Shamblen

Valentine's Day Sampler


Christmas Carol Caper

More Rooms Coming Soon
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