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Escape the Count's Castle


During a European castle tour, you and your group stumble across an unmarked castle and go in, thinking it's on the list. You start your tour, but then a staff member receives word that you will have the great honor of getting to meet the owner while you are there!

Suddenly you find yourself trapped in the castle's great room, waiting for the Count to appear.

The tour guide tells you, in confidence, that it may not be a great idea to wait for the Count to see them.

There is a way out…if you can find it.


Genre: Family Friendly, Mystery, Dark
Players: Up to 6 - Single or Team
Difficulty: Medium

Length: Long

Average Play Time: 60 minutes

Best Time (no hints):

Best Time (with hints):

Time to Start: 72 hours
Time to Play: 24 hours


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