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Online Escape Rooms:

We have closed our physical location and are in the process of digitizing our rooms to be played online.

Our online games are digital versions of our rooms that you can play at home.  It is a different experience, more like a computer game, but still able to be played with your group. 


After you buy your ticket, a game link and receipt will be emailed to you separately. Click on the game link when you are ready to start your game.

Some of the unique features are:

-You can play as a single player or multi-player.

- You can purchase and play they game at any time.

-You can play with friends or family anywhere in the world.

-There is no avatar to interact with - it is completely digital.

-There are help links throughout the game if needed.

-If you have any issues, feel free to contact us through our email or the website chat feature and we will be able to help during normal business hours.

...Coming Soon...

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